EYEXPO Technology

VR technology will bring revolutionary transformation to the automotive industry. A car, from designing to actual production, from sales to after-sales service, can achieve better results with VR.In the designing process, designers can observe the appearance and details of a car through VR, and observe the cars driving performance by switching to a variety of external scenes.



Virtual reality creates a realistic virtual environment that provides a platform for doctors and medical professionals to simulate surgery and other fine operations, by re-creating the environment, enhancing presence and immersion. By using augmented reality, doctors can have a better understanding of the specific location of the lesion, as well as the functional damage that it may cause to patients.。


Canada’s Most Significant Waterfront Community

Aspac is proud to unveil 2 River Green - Designed and built with the finest materials and craftsmanship, each residence offers the ultimate in luxurious living along the Fraser River.


Touch Life Globally

CICTAN-BIOTECH Corporation is a pioneer in the field of natural-health technologies, with a focus on structured water, food science, energy medicine, sound and light frequency all in relation to cell-to-cell communication, as well as green, renewable energy.

Macdonald Realty

Cynthia Dong

Holds a CCIM, the highest globally recognized designation in Commercial Real Estate Industry, and a CFP, an internationally recognized designation of Certified Financial Planner, and a MBA degree from the U.S. in Marketing with multilingual skills in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Royal Pacific Realty

Winnie Chung

My many years of experience have earned me an out-standing reputation, whether buying or selling. My proven results are backed up by my Master Medallion and President's Gold Award. By selecting me as your agent, you are guaranteed professional and loyal service.

RE/MAX Realty

Choose Wisely. Choose RE/MAX.

The RE/MAX franchise network is a global real estate system operating in near 100 countries, with more than 6,800 independently owned offices and over 103,300 sales associates providing real estate services in residential, referral, commercial, relocating, and asset management.

Metro Edge Realty


As a world-class, innovative and socially responsible real estate company we are passionate about developing strong leaders focused on community advocacy. Our intention is to dramatically impact and improve every market and community on global level.

why choose us ?

Break through the time and space.

Break through the limitations of time and place, having an effortless browsing experience as you wish. 365 days to show your published new products, promoting your products until get the deals to reach the goal.

Seeing is getting with all-round experience

Real shooting or special customization to give you the immersive experience. Equipped with the latest VR technology, customers can inspect the items in every details. It is possible to realize an immersive shopping experience.

Mutual benefit to achieve win-wins

Reduce sales costs, improve transaction efficiency, so that the sale becomes a kind of enjoyment. The online exhibition fee is less than one-tenth the price of a traditional exhibition, while as the length is much longer than the traditional exhibition. Users only need internet to visit the exhibition for 24 hours a day without geographical restrictions.

Customizable platform

We will create a unique brand booth for you. Besides, this is a one-time production which can be uses in cross-platform. There will be hundreds of online exhibitions every year. With the development of enterprises, we will set up around the international operations for branch offices, in order to achieve the optimum size of the market.


Our technology can be used in the 1000 + industry, 10000 + sub-sectors.


Customers are our greatest values, and our founding customers, who recognize our values, are the most important wealth. EXEXPO will extend our gratitude to all our founding customers.

Aspac Developments Ltd

Aspac Developments is a Vancouver-based developer of world-class properties – best known for our role in transforming Coal Harbour from an industrial site into Vancouver’s most prestigious waterfront neighbourhood

Vancouver Water Enterprises

Vancouver Water Enterprises’product Redleaf is one of the world's first ultra-premium, mineral rich water packaged in a premium branded bottle...

Norden Wine

Vancouver Wine Merchants Ltd provides exceptional wine import and export services to partners from around the world. With experience and integrity, we strive to seek out incomparable wines and provide exemplary services to our partners and clients from worldwide.

Metro Edge

As a world-class, innovative and socially responsible real estate company we are passionate about developing strong leaders focused on community advocacy. Our intention is to dramatically impact and improve every market and community on higher level.

Shenglin Financial

Shenglin Financial believes it is important for all individuals to achieve financial security. Guided by this principle, Shenglin Financial offers value to our clients and help you make well-informed decisions about your finances and help you achieve greater financial independence and security.

Canada Stewart Energy Group

Stewart is a district municipality at the head of the Portland Canal in north western British Columbia, Canada. Gold and silver mining and wood industry dominated the community’s early economy and Stewart served as the port for these industrial activities.

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We’re fiercely proud of our work, but even prouder of the success of our clients. Results powered by engaging their customers with immersive VR branding experiences。
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Virtual Reality in Real Estate: Blind-spot free experence
Internet 15 September
VR Technology is becoming one of the most popular tool used in real-estate industry in recent two years.Real-estate developers and agents can show their properties to their clients without the clients actually be there...
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HTC is Announcing Brandnew Vive 3D Headset
Internet 15 September
Seems like somebody at HTC HQ has been flipping through the pages of future-gazing virtual reality bible Ready Player One, if the latest news surrounding its next generation HTC Vive headset is to be believed...
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Facebook Details Social VR Avatar Experiments
Internet 15 September
Facebook says they want to launch an official social VR experience “as soon as possible;” to get there the company has been experimenting with various approaches to find out which avatars work best for social VR interaction....
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