Virtual Experience IS OUR PASSION

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EYEXPO Online Exhibition (eyexpo.com) is an online platform devoted to the integration of interactive VR technology within commercial branding and marketing. The concept of the EYEXPO Online Exhibition is derived from that of the World Expo, but unlike the World Expo, it is unending, and widely accessible due to its online nature.

Our mission is to construct a multi-platform VR ecosystem that will enable brands to connect with a wide range of audiences in a novel and immersive online exhibition format. By leveraging 3D and VR technology to provide services such as VR webpage production, and VR exhibition planning, we combine the advantages of three fields – the Web, 3D panorama, and virtual reality, to provide our clients with a multi-faceted and modern marketing approach.

Our services span VR content capture and production, 360° interactive tours, as well both online and offline promotion. EYEXPO has extensive experience serving local businesses across numerous industries with our VR technology, leveraging it to present the image, products, and services of our clients in a completely new dimension. From enterprise, real estate, and government institutions, to tourism, education, and various events, EYEXPO Online Exhibition can provide a suitable VR marketing strategy for a plethora of different sectors and industries. Through continued research and development, EYEXPO Online Exhibition strives to set the industry benchmark for a new wave of commercial VR applications, thereby giving our clients the ultimate edge in customer engagement.

  • 2017.05.17 Capital Airline | Wings of Dreams

  • 2017.05.17 The First Vancouver Cewebrity Gala

  • 2017.04.01 Monkey King Abroad”by Vancouver Northshore Hiking Group

  • 2017.04.01 The Vancouver Spring Shaw

  • 2017.03.18 Vancouver International Fashion Festival

  • 2017.03.11 UBC&SFU Survive Game Competition

  • 2017.02.28 BC Internet Technology Summit VR / AR Seminar

  • 2017.02.15 CCBC Business Luncheon

  • 2017.02.10 The Honourable Teresa Wat and Royal Pacific Realty President Hongen Cai Visited in Eyexpo tech General Headquarters

  • 2017.02.09 CCSF Autism Foundation

  • 2017.02.05 Fudan University Alumni Association of Canada

  • 2017.01.29 Jiao Da alumni association

  • 2017.01.29 Year of the Rooster

    Eyexpo sponsor- Year of the Rooster Temple Fair In Dr.Sun Yat-Set Classical Chinese Garden Presents

  • 2017.01.26 Wen Zhou Association

  • 2017.01.24 CCBC’s Chinese New Year Networking Reception 

    The Honourable Teresa Wat will Address Members at CCBC’s Chinese New Year Networking Reception

  • 2017.01.20 BC Multipicture New Year’s Party

  • 2017.01.15 CCSA Lunar Calendar Celebration

  • 2017.01.11 EYEXPO VR Lunch Ceremony

  • 2016.12.11 Globe Financial Service Inc Annual Celebration

  • 2016.11.25 Oversea Taoli Cup World Dance Competition

  • 2016.11.10 Dawa Business Newspaper 15th Anniversary Banquet

  • 2016.09.23 Business Forum and Luncheon

    A senior Chinese leader will be the guest speaker at the 6th Canada


  • 2016.08 EYEXPO TEAM