Terms of Service

Terms of Service

1. Please Read These Terms And Conditions Carefully

Eyexpo web exhibition information technology co. provide services based on the following terms and conditions. please read Eyexpo web exhibition information technology co. agreement of service (hereafter referred to as simply "this agreement"). terms and conditions apply of this agreement as you use the website of Eyexpo ( domain name is www.eyexpo.com).

2. Terms of Acceptance

Entering the website of Eyexpo web exhibition in any way means you have conclude this agreement and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement. Eyexpo web exhibition has full power to change terms in its sole discretion at any time. If there are any changes regarding to terms, Eyexpo web exhibition will make a public announcement on the website and take effect simultaneously. Carefully read through the revised term is strongly suggested at first time when you log into the system. If you disagree any of the related changes, you have the right to discontinue the service. If you continue with the service, it means you have accepted the revised terms and the latest service agreement will prevail if there are any dispute between you and Eyexpo web exhibition. Unless otherwise noted, any new content that extend the scope of service or enhancement shall be bound by this agreement. No changes can be made to this agreement unless a written note has been provided by Eyexpo site authorized senior management.

3. Who Can Use Eyexpo Website

The "service" can only be used by the person or company with a legally binding contract which was made under the relevant laws. Therefore, you must be at least 18 years old to use the "service". Do not use the "service" if you are not qualified. Eyexpo site has full power to refuse to provide service to any person at any time and no service will be provided to those members who has been temporarily or permanently suspended.


Eyexpo site keeps the right to charge a "service fee" after inform you based on term 1.you are responsible for any transactions fees, any tax through paid service of Eyexpo site or contact with Eyexpo site's server and applicable fees related to hardware, software, telecom, web service etc. displaying only on Eyexpo site, we have full power to temporarily or permanently change or terminate whole or part of our service without any written notice. 

5. Your Documentation and Published Substances

Your material includes any document provided to our company during registration, transaction or listing in public or through e-mails, including data, notebook, software, music, audio, photos, pictures, videos, words or other information. You should take full responsibility for your material while Eyexpo site is only in a passive condition when you upload and publish your material. However, if our company believes that your material will make our company liable to any legal or moral commitment, or make our company (in whole or partial) lose our company's internet providers or other supplier's services, or fail to meet the Eyexpo site's deadline to log-in or re-log-in, then, our company has full power to take necessary or proper actions to your material including but not limited to delete such material.

6. Registration Obligations

Register with Eyexpo means you agree with the following terms: (a)based on the membership information form of Eyexpo, provide you or your company's true, accurate, current and complete information for the time being. (b) maintain and promptly update member's information as to keep it real, accurate, complete and reflect current situation. If the information you provide is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or fail to reflect the current information, or Eyexpo site reasonably suspect that the material is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or fail to reflect the current situation, Eyexpo site has the full right to temporarily suspend or terminate your identity and material, and refuse any possible further use of our service in any form. If you registered in our company on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the right to represent the company or other legal entity accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

7. Membership Registration Name, Password and Confidentiality

During registration, you will choose your member name and password, your should take full responsibility of the security of your own name and password, and be responsible for any activities happened under your name and password. you agree that: (a)Inform Eyexpo site immediately you found someone use your name and password without your authorization or any situation that violate the confidentiality regulations. (b)Make sure to leave the site with right steps at the end of each online session. It's impossible for Eyexpo site to take any responsibility for any loss caused by failure to comply with these provisions.

8. Banned Objects

the following objects are prohibited from publishing or purchasing through our website: (a)things that make Eyexpo site violate any related laws, regulations, or rules. (b)anything that Eyexpo site believe should be banned or improper for sale through this website